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Hi I'm Kayla

Here are some things about me and my work.


After working in marketing and collaborating with contracted developers, I got curious about how websites are built. I enjoy a challenge, so when I learned that programming is problem solving, I started coding that very day.

In my current role I've maintained websites, deployed a new website, and streamlined tedious processes. Recently, I completed a training on security and WordPress. I've also consulted with small business owners, helping them build or improve their websites and page rankings. Two of my clients are carpenterins.com and paradisecakes406.com.

I’m looking for a role where I can learn from other developers while achieving goals and improving efficiency. Also a cat mom, avid classic sci-fi reader, and sometimes musician.

My Bookshelf

an interactive way to see the books I've read and want to read, add and delete books from the database, and search by title or author

Node.js | JavaScript | CSS | API

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music pomodoro project mockup desktop and mobile

Music Pomodoro

increase productivity by listening to a playlist while you work. Music pauses during break time so you don't have to watch the clock

JavaScript | CSS | HTML

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paradise cakes project mockup desktop and mobile

Paradise Cakes

brochure website for a client starting a new business, working on layout with this draft

CSS | HTML | JavaScript

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